168.192.l.l has a place with the IP address of the C class address,belonging to the held IP, particularly for router settings. As a rule, the address of the password set by the router merchants will change, however by and large will be: username : admin Password: admin in the event that you have adjusted the password, please alter your password. In the event that it is not for you, you can reset the router administrator to get the password.

What you can do with the ip address 168.192.l.l?

Ordinarily, login address typically set apart on the back of the router, on a few names, over the record router serial number, additionally provoked to your router login address and username and password. Diverse router Ip address is not the same, the vast majority of the 168.192.l.l, there is additionally a piece of the router login address is 192.168.l.l,Come up with a router, look precisely. On the off chance that there is no router, at that point read directions.


IP address is comprised of two sections, in particular system number and host number. System ID is a system on the Web, the host number recognizes a host in the network.The address of the IPv4 is 32 bits and 4 bytes, yet we utilize the decimal documentation in practice.Part of the router`s IP address is 192.168.l.l and 192.168.l.1.

How to login 168.192.l.l IP address?

Snap http://168.192.l.l

On the off chance that you need to interface with your router to deal with the remote settings,just sort http://168.192.l.l- t in your program’s address bar.Enter your username and password, or enter the default username “admin” and the default password “admin”,you will access the router effectively.

What to do on the off chance that you overlooked your router’s client name or password?

To enter in the router or to use internet connection, an user must to use a IP address on the browser address bar that will let you to access to management console of the routers. An user must use (not 168.192.l.l) IP for Netopia, 2Wire and Billion routers. This is private IP address which cannot accessible from outside of home. If anyone uses public IP only then they any one can get access from outside.

Default router password list

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